Why AirDental?

Candles, soothing calm music, a nap in the Zero Gravity Chair and 45 minutes later, you’ll have a brighter smile with AirDental’s convenient dental check-ups in the office. Relaxation and convenience don’t normally describe the dentist. Finally a reason to smile while you work.


We bring professional mobile dental services to your office. All we need is an empty meeting room or space to set up in less than an hour.

Quick, Safe and Clean

We’re experts at creating calm and clean environments. Your employees will be back to work within 45 minutes feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Relaxing Environment

We create a calming atmosphere for you to sit back and relax on our Zero Gravity Dental Chair. Float on a cloud, listen to the waves and walk away with a beautiful smile. 

Save Time

Time is the most valuable commodity today. You’ll be done within 45 minutes and gain back 3 hours of your life compared to a traditional dental visit. That’s value.

Love perks?


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AirDental Perks

“There was not a lot of difference between AirDental and going to a normal dental practice except that it was probably a little more informal and relaxed with the AirDental experience. It was as good as going to a dentist can be.”

Stephen Sutton AirDental Review

Stephen Sutton Pastor at Northern Community Church

“It was a lot more cost effective than going to my local dentist for the same sort of service.”

Jarrad Brownfield AirDental Review

Jarrad Brownfield Onboarding Specialist at Mobi2Go

“It almost felt like I was in a massage parlor or something like that.”

Manita Ray AirDental Review

Manita Ray Australia National Manager at Pollinate Energy

"People were really excited about being involved. I haven’t really seen people excited about going to the dentist before."

Zara Vaccari AirDental Review

Zara Vaccari Community Manager at North Collective

"Every element of having a check-up was looked after. I was in and out in under 20 minutes."

Danielle Wilson AirDental Review

Danielle Wilson Streamtime Ace at Streamtime

"I could make an appointment to fit it around my day without having to take in travel time."

Etienne Rizzo AirDental Review

Etienne Rizzo Managing Director at Deposit Assure

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