About Us

Meet the AirDental Team

Going to the dentist can be a frightening, time consuming experience. The noise, the stress of taking extra time off, the old magazines in the waiting room, nothing is pleasant. No one enjoys going to the dentist but we’re here to change that.


The AirDental team has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry. We saw a need to innovate and want to help people take control of their health by coming to you, putting you first.


Our mission is to empower people to own their dental health by providing convenient and accessible mobile dental services in the workplace.

Terry Wong Mobile Dentist at AirDental

Dr. Terry Wong

Lead Dental Consultant


I’m Dr. Terry Wong and it’s my life goal to help people have a brighter, more confident smile. After working in the dental industry for over 30 years, I approached Wally with an idea to make dental care more mobile and accessible to people. I’m passionate about working with people because clear communication and education is the first step in understanding the benefits of good oral health.

Wally at AirDental

Wally Chiang

Technology Director


I’m Wally Chiang and I’m dedicated to getting each person’s voice standout through the noise of the internet. I’ve worked in the web development industry for more than 15 years and help clinics create a better online presence. Terry came to me with the idea for better dental care to more people and we started AirDental. We’re both passionate about understanding people because at the end of the day, it’s the people that matter.

Stephanie Chung at AirDental

Stephanie E. Chung

Business Development Manager


My name’s Stephanie Chung and I’m devoted to showing people ways to think outside the box. After working in the education industry in Japan for 6 years, I decided to became a part of the AirDental team in Australia. I love working with innovative thinkers because I want to make a difference by helping people see things from a new light. How did a California girl end up in Melbourne? Ask me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to contact us.

We’re always looking for quality, personable dental professionals to join our team. If you share in our vision and want to work in a flexible and innovative environment, we’d love to hear from you.