Dr. Terry Wong

Lead Dental Consultant
Terry Wong Mobile Dentist at AirDental

“I can’t see myself retiring from Dentistry. I imagine I’ll be involved in Dentistry for some time.”

Dr. Terry Wong started his journey through the dental industry after obtaining his Bachelor of Oral Health from Melbourne University in 1987. He underwent further training at The Fehl Institute of Dental Art & Science in Brazil for resin bonding, The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies for porcelain veneers, and obtained POS orthodontic certification.

Since 2004 he has been conducting lectures for post-graduate dental students at Melbourne University and running hands-on programs for dentists to improve skills with composite resin. He has been featured as a key speaker at international dental conventions throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Terry is an influential voice in current dental trends and opinions for 3MESPE, Ivoclar Vivadent, Coltene, Dentsply, SDI and more. His newest dental clinic in Blackburn focuses on patient care and acts as a centre to guide newer dentists into the industry


After working in dentistry for over 30 years, Terry noticed a growing trend of irregular check-ups and patients with deteriorating dental health. A majority of the cases could have been prevented with early identification of the problems and he sought out a way to provide better preventative dental care to more people. He spoke with his patients and kept hearing the same reasons, “I’m just too busy at work to get the time off to go to the dentist.” Terry understood how time poor people are today and approached Wally Chiang to create a new way to bring dentists to the people. They started AirDental in 2014 and have been the reason behind more smiles in the workplace since.


Terry was born in Australia and grew up in the Eastern Suburbs. During his free time when the weather is favourable, Terry enjoys a good game of golf.