Stephanie E. Chung

Business Development Manager
Stephanie Chung at AirDental

“Change is good and now I’m finally at the forefront of making a real impact to make people’s lives better.”

Stephanie E. Chung graduated from Temple University’s Japan Campus with high honours in theatre and communication studies. She saw a growing need for people to communicate more clearly with each other and began a career in language education. Getting to know people and giving them the tools to look beyond their horizons has always been her personal mission.

Stephanie has worked with major organizations such as McDonalds’ Japan, Volvo, Manchester Business School and more to train employee communication up to international standards through language education. She decided to step away from the education industry when she saw how behind and rigid the landscape had become. She was determined to find a more worthwhile cause and connect with likeminded people.


After making the move to Melbourne, Australia in early 2016, Stephanie searched for a way to work with the shakers and movers. She was introduced to Wally Chiang and Dr. Terry Wong and immediately saw the value in AirDental’s forward facing take on dental services. She is eager to get AirDental’s new approach to dental health seen by the same people it was made for and show people how good change is.


Stephanie was born in California and grew up in the Silicon Valley (the land of innovation and entrepreneurship). She moved to Tokyo, Japan at the age of 20 then made the jump to Australia 6 years later. She plans to settle down with her partner in the near future. During her spare time, she loves reading about the latest breakthroughs in animal sciences.