Wally Chiang

Technology Director
Wally at AirDental

“I enjoy looking at an issue from different perspective and create a paradigm shift for the better.”

Wally Chiang was one of the first to graduate with a Masters of Multimedia from Monash University then went on to graduate with top honours in project management from the University of California Berkeley in the United States. He is a firm believer in the power of technology coupled with well thought out business strategies and solid execution to achieve results.

Wally has worked with several established brands such as Australian Unity, Country Road, BMW Australia and more. In 2014, he left the corporate world to make a greater impact in the health industry with 20-80 Solutions, his web development consulting agency. He saw the stagnant nature and fear of technology in the \health/medical field and made it his personal goal to see small businesses thrive. His aim is to breathe new life into the industry and make it more about the people again.


When Wally was approached by Dr. Terry Wong to build a people focused dental service, they set out to make it a reality. As an expert in technological practices, he found the perfect solution to all the obstacles an onsite dental service may face. From discovering the Zero Gravity Chair, outlining the mission of AirDental, to each technical aspect of the website, Wally has dedicated countless hours to make AirDental for the people. For their vision to become true, a little innovative thinking and elbow grease went a long way.


Wally was born in Taiwan but came to Australia during primary school with his family. He and his wife have two children and a shiba dog. When he has the time, Wally enjoys Japanese drumming – taiko and working with entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas.