Why introduce AirDental onsite dental services ?

Better Employee Retention

Health and wellbeing initiatives are one of the top reasons employees stay with their company. Sweeten your reputation and care package by looking after their dental health.

Mobile & Convenient

We bring mobile professional dental services to your office. All we need is an empty meeting room or space to set up in less than an hour.

Quick, Safe and Clean

We’re experts at creating calm and clean environments. Your employees will be back to work within 45 minutes feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Happy Employees

Healthy people mean a happy, more productive workplace. It’s never been so easy to look out for your employees and show you care.

Increase Productivity

Healthier employees are three times more productive than unhealthy staff. Your employee will walk out revitalised and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Reduce Absenteeism

Preventative dental care in the office has several real gains. Employees won’t have to request or worry about taking extra leave. Saving them up to 3 hours per dental visit.

Boost Morale and Culture

Attract and engage with your employees by showing them you care about their health. You can promote better work culture with healthier and happier employees.

No Cost to the Company

Onsite dental services are an attractive employee benefit at no additional cost to the company. Some subsidise any gap payments for their employees. You can show how much you value them.


Healthy employees work 143 effective work hours per month compared to 49 hours done by unhealthy employees.


Health initiatives boost employee engagement by 48%.


Creativity and innovation increases from 20% to 72% when employees know they’re health is being looked after.


Demonstrating concern for employees boosts the company’s reputation as an “employer of choice”.


Businesses without employee health management programs lose staff within the 12 months four times more often.


$3.8 billion in time and resources is wasted every year on finding, hiring and training new staff in Australia.

Getting Started


We’ll run through the AirDental experience. We can also do a group presentation to your employees to explain what is involved, answer any questions and discuss the benefits of preventative dental care at the office.

Book Online


Interested employees will be able to provide us with their personal details and preferred appointment time via online form. Employees can also opt for priority list if their time is flexible and a free slot become available on the day.



We will coordinate with employees on their preferred times. We’ll confirm their appointment times and send a reminder email the day before we arrive.

On the Day


We’ll arrive first thing in the morning to set up. All employees are notified via sms a few minutes before their appointment. Each employee receives an easy to understand dental fitness report after their 45 minute check-up and cleaning. After all the patients are treated, we tidy up and provide you with a summary of the day.

Keeping in Touch


We keep in contact with you and your employees to provide any on-going care. We recommend booking in a date as soon as possible to ensure the best quality dental care at the most convenient time for you.

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