What can we do for you?

We emphasize good oral health through preventative dental care. Nothing invasive, no anaesthetics. Our aim is to provide the most relaxing, safe, and comfortable dental treatment you’ve ever had.

Dental- Check Up at AirDental Mobile Dentist

Dental Check Up


The first step is check for any signs of potential issues. We’ll examine your teeth, gums and mouth using our portable intra-oral camera to show you how your teeth are doing.

Teeth Cleaning at AirDental

Teeth Cleaning


We’ll clear away any plaque, build-up, and stains in all the hard-to-reach spots a toothbrush can’t always handle. Your teeth will feel squeaky clean and you’ll smile brighter almost instantly.

Tooth Whitening AirDental

Teeth Whitening


You’ll want to show off those pearly whites with confidence. We also provide a quick and safe teeth whitening service. Imagine wowing everyone when you walk into your next meeting.

Instant Smile at AirDental

Instant Smile


Ever wonder how movie stars get their perfect smiles? We’ll show you how with a personalized take home smile. We can treat chipped, short, crooked and discoloured teeth instantly.

Cosmetic Assessment at AirDental

Cosmetic Assessment


Everyone should be able to smile with confidence. Our one on one, personalized consultations are for us to really understand your needs then give you the best solution.

Orthodontic Care at AirDental

Orthodontic Care


We’ll provide orthodontic treatment and consultation on the spot. A brighter, more confident smile starts with aligning your needs with your teeth.


How will we provide professional dental care?

Walking into a dental clinic can feel terrible. The smell, the noise, the old magazines in the waiting room. We’ve gone back to the square one to design the AirDental experience to be more calming and convenient than traditional dental visits. Our equipment has the same quality, professionalism and safety created with you in mind.

Mobile Denrist AirDental Chair at AIrDental

Zero Gravity Chair


Made in France and fashioned to provide a nearly weightless experience, the Zero Gravity Chair supports you as we refresh your smile. Lean back and enjoy the comfort. By the time we’re finished, you’ll want a Zero Gravity Chair of your own.

Mobile Dentist Portable Dental Kit at AirDental

Portable Dental Kit


All the tools of the dental trade packed up in a carry-on luggage sized suit case. Sounds simple and it is exactly like that. Our dentist will arrive with the easy to transport rolling case. Just plug it in, fill it with some water and we’re ready to get started.

Tooth Cam at AirDental Mobile Dentist

Tooth Camera


To take care of your teeth, you have to know your teeth. We’ll show you what condition your teeth are in with our Tooth Camera and walk you through the best ways to care for them.

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